Reddy aiming at political re-entry riding the wedding wave.

Johnson Cherian.
Even as a debate rages on the appropriateness of mining baron-cum-politician G. Janardhan Reddy holding his daughter’s marriage on an unprecedented grand scale when over 70 per cent taluks in the State are reeling under drought, political circles strongly believe that he is trying to use the occasion to politically re-establish himself in his home turf of Ballari.
The high-profile Reddy brothers, led by key strategist Janardhan Reddy, had turned Ballari into their political bastion. Their political rise coincided with the success in their mining business.
Comeback bid
However, their political hold on Ballari crumbled after he was arrested by the CBI in 2011 in connection with the alleged illegal mining. Mr. Reddy, who is now out on bail, was back in news with the extravagant marriage. “While the media attention is on the marriage in Bengaluru, Mr. Reddy has set his sight firmly on Ballari,” observed a political strategist from the BJP, who is keenly following Mr. Reddy’s political career.
According to him, Mr. Reddy is just trying to make a political comeback in his “typical flamboyant style” through the grand marriage. “It is an attempt to renew his political contacts with his supporters as well as leaders,” he noted.
BJP’s position
Interestingly, a majority of the leaders from the BJP State unit are said to be favouring Mr. Reddy’s political comeback. But, what is preventing them from formally accepting it, is said to be the “reservation” by the party Central leadership about Mr. Reddy in the wake of ongoing investigations on the alleged illegal mining.
“Also, the strong public sentiments against the entire episode of alleged illegal mining is another reason the BJP State unit leaders are hesitant to publicly back his political comeback,” another BJP leader pointed out. Of course, Mr. Reddy’s political comeback mainly hinges on whether he will get legal relief from the ongoing cases.
However, there are clear indications of the Reddy group trying to re-establish its political hold not just in Ballari, but also in the surrounding region, as it is keen that BJP entrusts it with the responsibility of organising the party in six districts in the region with the elections less than two years away.

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