Meet Mr. Snuggles


Meet Mr. Snuggles

Did you know there are over 200 species of Squirrels around the world? The species we mostly see around parks and backyards are basically the Tree Squirrels. They eat nuts, seeds, berries, flowers, tree barks, eggs and even baby birds. I love watching how they nibble up berries or flowers or even seeds.
I see Mr Snuggles and his buddy Fluffy ( as i have named them) in my backyard every morning. It’s quite an entertainment to see them chasing each other and being playful. Next time you see a Squirrel, watch it for a few mins. They are kind of cute and adorable. But be careful, they can be quite feisty as well. Female Squirrels usually give birth to two to eight offspring and the  babies are born blind, so they depend on the mothers for about two to three months. I once had a baby Squirrel as a pet when i was in India. But as it grew older, it went into its natural habitat. So every time i see one of these, it reminds me of my pet Squirrel back home.

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