The natural journey to cure.


The natural journey to cure.

“Prevention is better than cure” – This phrase is widely popular. Though this commonplace wisdom holds true for every facet of our lives, these words attain true significance in what matters the most – our health. Modern medicine has taken enormous strides in the last several decades. Researchers, scientists and practitioners have been creating the synergy to break new barriers and provide path-breaking solutions to medical conditions and illnesses once deemed as incurable. While the success we have been witnessing is admirable, the underlying philosophy of modern medicine is clear; it is more about cure and less about prevention. This is where Ayurveda steps in with a completely different approach to health.Shirovasti
Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda emphasizes on wellness than sickness. Originated in ancient India, it is the science of life and longevity. The principles of Ayurveda are extremely relevant in modern age where stress is omnipresent and scant attention is given towards the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. In Allopathic medicine, side effects resulting from the treatment of illnesses are very common. Ayurveda promotes an approach to treating medical conditions and diseases with no observed side effects.Shirodhara
Kerala Ayurveda therapies have been found to be really effective in treating a plethora of conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) affecting muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Most common among the MSDs are arthritis, backache, frozen shoulder and gout. Ayurveda offers solutions to many of these conditions which include a combination of internal and external herbal medicines along with detoxification procedures (Panchakarma),Yoga, physiotherapy, diet and lifestyle changes. Skin problems like psoriasis and eczema have effectual treatment procedures in Ayurveda. The mental state of an individual can have a significant impact on his or her body. Studies have shown the toll stress and anxiety can take on physical well-being. Physical disorders caused or aggravated by mental factors are classified as psychosomatic. Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise can contribute to these conditions. Ayurveda promotes natural resistance to stress and fatigue. The approach of Ayurveda is to identify the root cause of illness and treat the whole body instead of treating symptoms merely in the affected areas.treatment8


For those who would like to seek Ayurveda treatment for various ailments, the good news is they don’t need to fly to India for that. One of the fast growing treatment centers in the US is Santhigram Kerala Ayurvedic Company, a trusted name in alternative medical system. Dr. Gopinathan Nair, a key figure in the sphere of alternative healthcare in India was instrumental in commencing Santhigram’s branded services in the US. Within a few years, the center expanded with numerous branches across the country. Dr. Ambika Nair, a highly accomplished physician is the chief practitioner of Santhigram Wellness Center USA. The growing need for natural solutions to chronic health problems and the results brought forth by the center is making Santhigram a huge success.
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Report: Vineetha Nair

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